"...this is today's program, okay?"

What the woman checks on the man, and what the man looks at on the woman. The one minute loves of everyday life and the daily one minutes of big loves. Unfulfilled desires, taboos, fights, flirtation with happiness. Waves of cramp and calmness. Shall I answer to him/her or to myself? Exuberantly or devotedly? The ones who are looking for each other and the answer:

Eszti, the Cool
Alex, the Good
Ági, the Perky
Linda, the Sympathizer.

And they mixed up. Humorous satisfaction driven by partnership dynamics, only tonight... or throughout our whole life?

Concept: Gyula Berger
Directed by: Gyula Berger
Choreography: Gyula Berger and Company
Composer: Attila Szabó
Playreader: Boglárka Cziglényi
Light design: Balázs Szabon
Costumes: Butterfly
Video: Krisztián Fehér
Photos: Krisztián Fehér and Justyna Jankowska

Participating: members of Soundbath Choir: Éva Krisztina Csönge,
Krisztina Filep, Zsófia Hernádi, Zsófia Joós/Andrea Tóth

Performers: Linda Péter, Flóra Eszter Sarlós, Ágnes Réka Szabó, Alex Miklósy

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