This was shot in 1080i, 24Mbps MXP mode, but shown here in SD to ensure smooth web playback.

Tested: various stabilizer modes on a small pan, then a larger pan in Dynamic IS that shows the signature "bounce" as the IS catches up with the camera operator.

Some other quick samples that would be the same on S11, S10, or S100: "Cine" Mode colors vs standard "P," & a short scene showing a classic case of the "CMOS rolling shutter tilt" on the side of a moving train. (The smooth surface of the moving train plays havok with video compression, btw)

Overall very good results from a "pocketable" camera!

(Edit 5 Oct: The optimal way to perform handheld pans when using HF S11's Dynamic OIS is to "ease-out" at the end of the pan, so that the OIS has a chance to catch up with your movement. Just practice a little for perfect pans every time)

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