Australia's first Fulldome dance film.
(25 minutes, South Australia, 2009: 5min Version)

Created by: Amanda Phillips & Alexander Waite Mitchell
Music: Alexander Waite Mitchell

©2009 Amanda Phillips & Alexander Waite Mitchell

Fulldome - for projection into a Planetarium/Dome environment.
(2300 pixels x 2300 pixels)

'Future Memory' investigates cycles of existence, creation, consciousness and the time-space shift between audience and performer.

Premiere: Golden Grove Arts Centre for the 2009 BigPond Adelaide International Film Festival's 'The Dome Project'.

Director: Amanda Phillips
Director of Photography: Alexander Waite Mitchell
Choreography: Amanda Phillips & dancers
Original Score: Alexander Waite Mitchell

Featuring stellar Australian dancers, Lisa Griffiths and Gala Moody with Jo Naumann and Kate Skully.

Further Information:
The work has been filmed with hemispherical capture and is seen here as a Dome Master. On a flat screen the image is warped/fish-eye and in a dome/planetarium it is mapped to create a 3D effect.

This emergent screen format allows the audience to experience dance and other content in a unique way.

amanda at felicityarts dot com dot au
+61 (0)434988628

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