This trek in the Himalayas to Milam Glacier and Nanda Devi east base camp in November 2009, follows the old trade route between Tibet and India. Closed off after China took over Tibet, the Johar valley is dotted with pockets of deserted villages. Some of these ghost villages even have utensils in their kitchens.

156 kilometers of walking over 15 days. 9 days spent not seeing a single other person. Limited rations and fuel, one meal a day, living out of a backpack, life is as complicated as we choose to make it.

Ending at the base of Hardeol peak where a token army post is the last stop. Climbing the hills here, gives a direct view into Tibet. With the Milam glacier receding 4 kilometers over the last 7 years, climate change is very real.

This was followed by a visit to the temples of Jageshwar, Madhurai and the Sathuragiri hills in south India.

A magical journey into time and into myself in the company of mountains over 6,000 meters. Hope you enjoy it.

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