E.On – Pitch Film

Illustrations - Bob Wilson
Animation - Stuart Doig
Voices taken from The Archers

This was a pitch for an E.On campaign a few years ago.

The brief was to 'do something that hadn't been done before' with a drawn print campaign and in my view what 'hadn't been done before' was something really really quiet and subtle.

We eventually went into production with two adverts but the essential fundamental concept of incredibly quiet and restrained situations that bled from Bob Wilson's style got quickly submerged in the traditional advertising copywriting of message, message, message and aching to fill the advert with wall to wall dialogue which is totally understandable but a bit sad.

This was the first one
The next one bore pretty much no relation to our initial pitch so I wont put it up.

Ideally the adverts would have had pretty much no dialogue and just (restrained) action, sound and setting and I think it was essentially my fault for not making that clear at the start as it ended up falling between two stools.

The current ones made by Not To Scale, directed by Steve Scott are very much what should have been done from the start. Not that it 'hasn't been done before' (a CG world rendered to use elements of the drawn approach) but it's way more zippy and satisfying and I think really really great.

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