Further informations: inspiredfortube.com/tree-section-a-tribute-to-laser-cutting/

Tree Section: a tribute to laser cutting by Antonella Dedini for BLM GROUP

"A tree is a living organism and its dimensions reflect its vitality and life; both past and present.
From a the dimensions of a tree, one can analyze the complex developments of an entire forest.

TREE SECTION is a sculpture that uses tubes and profiles of different shapes, dimensions and colors, cut in different ways. One of its infinite display possibilities is in the representation of a formidable tree trunk incorporating a number of concentric circles.

The size of the tree trunk symbolizes its life, its experience and its continuous growth in spite of changing conditions.
A visual metaphor mirroring the BLM GROUP's values and philosophies: competence, all round vision, capacity for continuous growth".

Antonella Dedini

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