List of exhibited installations (in order of appearance):

1. "Starters : Act of Justice"
Material: photograph, wood, elastic string, plates, epoxy adhesive, zucchini balls, stuffed vine leaves, meatballs, cheese balls
2. "Drinks : Act of Remembrance"
Material: photograph, wood, glass, shot glasses, water, oil, milk, orange juice, red wine
3. "Main Dish : Act of Balance"
Material: photograph, wood, epoxy adhesive, red meat, chocolate, eggs, chicken, fish, olives, cucumbers, nuts, legumes, oranges, pasta

“Body & Food” - Solo exhibition by visual and performance artist Andreas Pashias

The ArtWall Project Space, Athens - Greece
Opening: 17/05/13, 20.00
Duration: 18/05 - 15/06/13

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