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Benzak Denim Developers is an Amsterdam based denim brand, founded and solely run by Lennaert Nijgh, aka Benzak.

Out of the passion for jeans and inspired by the unique fading capabilities of denim, BDD was born. Rather than seasonal collections, BDD develops timeless pieces that can go anytime, anywhere.

By wear and wash the denim of your pair will develop its personal character. No single pair will be the same. Be the developer of your denim and become part of the world of Benzak.

The BDD range also contains leather products, mixed with the BDD signature denim, to create the best of both worlds. The leather used is vegetable tanned and evolves into a highly unique and personal product by wear, just like the denim.


The last couple of years I have been working on the BDD brand in the form of individual projects: 1 item at the time, such as a pair of jeans or a leather wallet, to be released in limited quantities. During these years I have gained enough knowledge and experience to take the next big step: create a 'capsule' collection of various timeless garments and items of the highest quality that go seamlessly well together.


Most jeans as we know feature 5 pockets: 2 on the back, 2 on the front and 1 extra at the facing of the right front pocket. This extra pocket, commonly known as the coin pocket, was used to carry small objects, such as coins, a watch or even nuggets of gold. The modern day cowboy often carries a bit more to that, thus BDD introduces a standard 6th pocket - a hidden pocket at the facing of the left front pocket, only noticable by the exposed selvedge at the top, just under the waistband. I simply call this:

‘The evolution of a classic.’

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