Keynote Title: Tech-Savvy Students? Maybe Not …

Keynote Lecturer: Dr. Susan Zvacek

Keynote Chair: Dr. Bruce McLaren

Presented on: 06-05-2013

Abstract: It’s easy to assume that our students are technologically adept and ready to take advantage of the many resources available online. Unfortunately, recent research suggests that growing up in a tech-enriched environment does not result in the ability to use digital tools effectively. Instead, many young people lack important conceptual and intellectual capabilities that would allow them to understand, apply, and evaluate online content. This presentation will address the skills that contribute to technological literacy, popular myths related to “digital natives,” and how we can help our students become critical consumers and users of digital tools and resources.

Presented at the following Conference: CSEDU, International Conference on Computer Supported Education

Aachen, Germany
May 2013

Conference Website:

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