Utilsing a a GoPro2, a motorised arm and an arduino chip we wanted to a create a mesmerising sequence that pulled the viewer in. Attempting to avoid the over-produced Sci-Fi aesthetics associated with cutting edge medical research, our aim was to impart a warmth and crafted quality to our final output. Through a series of explorations we wanted to develop a visual interpretation of the unseen marvels of cell regeneration. Beginning from a sparse "decayed" state the sequence comes to life through the introduction of smeared colour, texture and bursts of vibrant kinetic movement. The piece ultimately comes to rest as a pure “Regenerated” simple form.

Bespoke software and hardware was developed to control both the high rotational speed of the camera (many an SD card was flung around the room) and to enhance the GoPro’s poor image quality in low light conditions.

Sound design — Random Studio
Background music in 'Making Of' footage — R zum A [soundcloud.com/rundk]

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