A performance by Essex Olivares, Friday, October 19 at Present Company (Brooklyn) as part of the exhibition "Render Visible", organized by Blonde Art Books and Matthew Walker.


Video shot by Damian Calvo, edited by Micah Hesse

Drawing from the possibility of translation between image and sound, we created a visual and text-based score inspired by post-production foley techniques. With the consultation of Marko Costanza, a veteran Hollywood foley artist (Brokeback Mountain, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Ice Age), cinematic sound effects are reinterpreted as a system of musical elements.

Ten performers cycle through a variety of roles ranging from quotidian gestures to highly choreographed musical events. Everyday sounds are meticulously recreated by a small ensemble of instrumentalists; physical actions are dramatically and rhythmically amplified. A series of seemingly senseless events cue reactions within the group, in an evolving and organic accretion of sound.

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