Quartet No. 14 "Death and the Maiden" - III. Scherzo (Allegro Molto)

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"I try and decorate my imagination as much as I can" - Franz Schubert

SIX-STRING SCHUBERT is a campaign by Tim Herscovitch to arrange and record the string quartet music of Franz Schubert for 4 electric guitars. The first installment of Six-String Schubert will be released in August of 2013, featuring Quartets 12 and 14, followed by their tablature transcriptions to be made available as PDF resources.

Everyone likes classical music - they just might not know it yet. With this in mind, I have launched Six-String Schubert, an unprecedented project in which Quartet No. 14 ("Death and the Maiden") and Quartet No. 12 ("Quartettsatz") will be arranged -- and recorded -- for four electric guitars. This arrangement has nuance, dynamics, and no overbearing shred metal guitar tone or processed drums. Other than some very minor stylistic and idiomatic choices (let's face it, an electric guitar is different than a violin or viola), every note you hear is one that Schubert penned.

Regardless of what generation you're from, classical music often comes with a stigma, a built in layer of cobwebs that prevents its genius and beauty from being appreciated as widely as it should... and could. That's where Six-String Schubert comes in, adding the modern timbres of the electric guitar while faithfully retaining the original notes as penned by Schubert himself. The result is an often shocking re-imagining of these works, as you begin to realize how truly timeless these musical ideas are.

Movement 1 from the "Death and the Maiden" quartet is complete. Here are some comments from the Youtube video that currently has over 2,000 plays (youtube.com/watch?v=k6daLH9EgOs):

"I think you bridged the one gap between classical musical and myself. I feel like I have a hard time enjoying classical music because of the use instruments that I really had not had an exposure too. I understand it is intricate and "beautiful" but until now I had no way to connect to it since, in essence, it was spoken in a language (or dialect) that I had no upbringing with which to help grasp it.

I now understand a bit more of how people consider this music so wonderful."

"This is awesome. I love hearing classical music through different mediums, and this is excellent. Great job."
"Dude, GREAT JOB. So much time must have gone into this. Having played this several times, I got a major kick out of this and am truly impressed by what a sophisticated interpretation you put together. On electric guitars."

My ultimate goal is to awaken the love of classical music in those who might not have experienced its treasures otherwise. Help me continue this and future projects to keep this art alive and stoke interest in Schubert and the other great masters for years to come.

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