On June 17, 2013, at the protest of “Bideawee Ball” fundraiser for employing an animal abuser named Gary, a Bideawee Staffer shook her finger at a protester. The Staffer was defending an animal abuser, and saying "You know him?"

Val, you know who doesn't KNOW Gary with the animals? Upper Management at Bideawee, like Steve Tedder and Marcia Hennessey, rarely are even on the FLOORS that the animals are. And, Gary is allowed unlimited, unsupervised time with the animals. And, this all occurs without cameras.

Bideawee is RELYING on people like you, Val, who will never stand up to having an animal abuser on their Staff, or even stand up for having cameras in the multitude of areas where Gary can have unlimited, unsupervised time with the animals.

Bideawee is a NYC ANIMAL SHELTER that has been employing an animal abuser named GARY there for years. And, Bideawee has been retaliatory when this has been brought to their attention, in addition to ignoring the protests and phone calls against Gary.

To learn more, PLEASE visit: bideaweeemploysabusers.org/HomePage.html

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