(-: Field work :-) vimeo.com/68599085
I remember touch. Pictures came with touch.
Bam bam bam how the party began.
P.O.V. universe. I don’t want to lose you.
Seems you got a little more than you asked for.
One two three four. This is what you’ve been asking for.
And relax. And relax. And relax.
When I finally broke away I thought well, now I might finally have a little bit of a chance. So I would take my car, go to a discotheque.
I knew I needed a tick.
Which is the sound of the future.
I knew that could be the sound of the future but I didn’t know how big the impact would be.
Red yellow pink me. Purple orange you.
Try a little harder.
Something in my heart died last night. One more chip off an already broken heart. I think my heart broke years ago.
Where are the children. Well are they hopelessly enchanted. Blame it on the angels . where ar eh reasons. Don’t blame it on us.
Blame it on our wild hearts.
Even in the darkest places of your mind. Well all the children are hopelessly enchanted.

Description: **Stockholm Pigeon, 28 May 2013 vs Dromana Drive In 50th Anniversary Celebration (with Paris’ Birthday), 10 March 2013

Details: Single channel video with audio, HDV 16:9, duration 2:02 mins, 2013.

Support Material URL: vimeo.com/68599085
Key ideas: Refer to title. Columbus Livia. Bar blue is the name to describe pigeons with markings most like wild Rock Doves. This, you can learn in the book, Superdove, which investigates how pigeons took the world. Ways of wildness. Vibrant matter and Thing Power with Jane Bennett. Ecology Without Nature with Timothy Morton. Merging foreground and background to raise everything to a level of wonder. Queer ecology and the Homosexual Necrophilic Duck occurrence in Rotterdam, as studied by Kees Moeliker (whom I recently met) who won an Ig Nobel prize for his work. The Day of the Sparrow – a film that explores the parallel circumstances and effects of the simultaneous shooting of a sparrow in a Dutch television studio and a German soldier in Afghanistan. I Feel Cream, especially track #3, Lose You. Also Random Access Memory (like RAM, like in this computer) and track #3, Giorgio by Moroder – how futures happen.

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