'Designing for the differences,' the ninth video in this 'Design Insights' series, features Richard Seymour, co-founder and design director of Seymourpowell, discussing the importance of gender differences for design.

Genders are equal, Seymour says, but that doesn't mean they are the same. "We are fundamentally, biologically, anatomically different. We think in a different way. We are wired in a different way," he says. "If you don't recognise that from a design perspective, you're going to produce really crap products."

So rather than working only towards political correctness, we should celebrate and design for the differences. "We should let the differences stimulate our thinking," he says.

Initially trained as a graphic designer and illustrator, Richard Seymour moved through advertising and film production design before launching Seymourpowell with Dick Powell in 1984. Today, Seymourpowell is one of the world's leading design and innovation firms and Richard one of Europe's most accomplished designers and futurists.
As part of its effort to stimulate dialogue between the business and design worlds, the Eastman Innovation Lab teamed with Seymourpowell to create a series of thought-provoking special edition "Design Insights" videos titled "Into the future."

Check us out each month for the next "Into the future" video.

Produced by Uber for Eastman Chemical company

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