TEAL-SORB FR Fire Retardant Absorbent Powder is specifically designed and formulated for the clean-up of combustible and flammable spills. TEAL-SORB FR is a unique, engineered mineral formulated to absorb and suppress the ignition properties of gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, paint thinners, solvents, and many other flammable and combustible liquids.
Unlike clay, cellulose, peat, cotton lint/ fibers, and other agricultural based solutions, TEAL-SORB FR Fire Retardant Absorbent is formulated to absorb and suppress the combustible vapors of volatile liquids. Even if ignition sources are present, an absorbed spill becomes almost impossible to ignite. Should ignition occur, the explosive tendencies of many liquids are eliminated or greatly reduced, and the flame is easily suppressed using only water! And, unlike peat, cotton lint/ fibers, and cellulose, TEALSORB FR Fire Retardant is non-flammable and will NOT burn, further reducing the risk of fire or explosions.

Part #'s
37WFR0 -1 Gallon Bag Teal-Sorb FR

37WFR1 - 1 Gallon Shaker Teal-Sorb FR

37WFR2 - 2 Gallon Bag Teal-Sorb FR

37WFR3 - 5 Gallon Bag Teal-Sorb FR

37WFR4 - 5 Gallon Pail Teal-Sorb FR

37WFR5 - 30 Gallon Fiber Drum Teal-Sorb FR

For More information about Teal Sorb, Please visit: thecarycompany.com/containers/spill_control/teal-sorb-fr.html


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