Michael Muller talks about the spirit of Balmorhea's music and how it was reflected on stage during their Ordinary People concert. Followed by a clip from their song "Settler". Ordinary People is a series of concerts created by Lunario and PYL Records. For more info and upcoming shows go to lunario.com.mx or ordinarypeople.mx and follow @lunariomx and @ordinarymx on Twitter.

Filmed and recorded live on June 6th, 2013. Directed by: Adrián Cores del Río / Produced by: Lunario and PYL
Production Staff Lunario: Francisco Serrano (Director of Corporate Development), Natalia Escobar, Gabriel Leif, Fidel Manjarrez.
Production Staff PYL: Bruno Mijares, Diego Morales, Pablo Carvallo, Joaquín Garcia.
Music played by: Micheal Muller, Rob Lowe, Aisha Burns, Kendall Clark, Travis Chapman and Dylan Rieck.
Sound / Lightning: Andrew Hernández, Iván Jiménez and Pablo Carvallo / David Ramos
Stage hands: Miguel Núñez, Miguel Alcántara, Jován Hernández.

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