I love to tell stories through photos and music. This video I made is very near and dear to me for many reasons. As I look at all the people around me and those in and out of my life so far I see a common thread or lack of this thread, LOVE!

What have I done for my fellow man? Was it to serve them or me? I reflect and open my eyes but more important my heart...my soul!

So, as you watch this video ask yourself one simple question...What Am I Waiting For?

I am reminded yet again, this "world" is not my home...I'm just a passin through!
So much to do so little time.

Which brings me to my last point, "But I'm Just One Person!?" Yes, and it takes "1" act of LOVE at a time. Stepping out of your comfort zone at times to plant that "1" seed that may make all the difference in the world!

So, what am I waiting for?

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