Lacuna is a multiple projected video and sound installation created by filmmaker Aaron Oliver-Carter and sonic artist Owen Groombridge. It is intended to be watched using multiple projectors in a dark, confined space.
It premiered at Cafe Concrete in Plymouth, Devon on the 21st of June 2013.
The perception of the abandoned post-completed space is a misplaced notion. They bring into question the fragility of the physical environment, and the temporality of our existence. Reused, these spaces offer refuge to those wishing to remain away from public glare; a place to engage in drinking, drug taking, fornication, contemplation, and expression; a scene of defunct utilitarian objects and waste. Nature pervades, modifying, atrophying, and reclaiming, bearing witness to these unseen uses employed by elements of society.
Exploring the disused and abandoned, the film uses time and space to offer an insight into human states of mind, in particular existentialist themes that parallel the fractured, distressed and neglected images within the frame; the soundscape explores the continued use of these non-spaces, shifting to current intent from that of their original, as it skin-prickly ebbs and flows from one location to another.

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