1 city, Turin, 4 days of workshop inside a place, the TOOLBOX, 17 participants, 1 lab, the FABLAB+Officine Arduino, hosts of PERIOD by Thype! for a workshop entitled “INNESTO”.
At the start it had to be just a typography workshop. It doesn’t happen that often though to have an entire prototyping laboratory, that’s why we decided to have a little bit of fun involving all the work team, and using all the resources available: laser cutting, plotter cutting, Arduino programming, wood, paper, glue and our beloved friend scissor.

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Valentino Borghesi, Alex Calcatelli, Valentina Casali, Michele Crippa, Audric Henri Dandres, Mattia Della Libera, Geraldo de Oliveira, Giulio Fagiolini, Gabriel Figueiredo, Matteo Marcato, Mariia Parkhomenko, Elia Pittavino, Giovanni Prezioso, Andrea Rech, Marcello Russo, Gabriela Silva.

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