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"Bad Little Girl" lyrics:
Don't you know I'm such a bad little girl
Thought you knew I was a bad little girl
Stroke me, spank me, pull my hair
Baby show me you's a freak because I wanna go there
Verse 1:
Can you keep a secret
There's another side
Hiding in me
So can you give me a reason
I've been gettin tired of tryin to be good
A girl's gotta loosen up some how
Don't you wanna know what I'm about
*Chorus X2*
Verse 2:
So now you know the real me
But you could never know all there is to discover
Is she good or is she filthy
Well baby that's your guess but if you're wrong I will
punish you
Or would you rather punish me
Do...Do you wanna come with me
*Chorus X2*
Verse 3:
*Chorus X2*
Cuz I wanna go there

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