Craig Bates, soon-to-be graduate of BSc Visual Effects at Swansea Metropolitan University. Skills in Maya, Nuke, Houdini, Adobe Suite and RenderMan. Programming languages: Python, C++, RIB and RSL for RenderMan. Aspiring to be a TD, having a passion for tool development and visual effects. Main projects include creating a grass generator in RenderMan which takes objects from Maya and creates grass on them using RenderMan curves, and a Maya tool which aids the procedural spread of fire through objects within a scene in Maya, speeding up the application of fire effects whilst reducing the required technical abilities of the user.

Fire Spread Tool:
My final major project pursued in the third year of university. The tool add procedural fire spread to Maya with little required input involving two variables; Object ignition Temperature and the distance the object is from the various fires. The tool establishes the heat spread to each vertex on a flammable object using the heat attenuation equation then uses Colour-per-Vertex to create spread maps depending on the previous temperature. The tool has various other functions; Set a starting position, reset fire spread to the start, save the current set-up to return later, various visual manipulation settings along with pre-coded pre-sets, option to load the selected fires settings into the UI and spread regions controlling where fire is able to spread/burn from.
Software used: Python, Maya; Fluids

Nuke Compositing:
A second year university assignment based on Tim Burton’s Sweeney Todd. The aim was to plan and shoot Green Screen footage and incorporate this into a 3D scene that resembled that of a Victorian London street. The shot was to be lit to look like night-time and the Green Screen footage had to be lit to match accordingly. The 3D element was created in Maya and the final composite was put together in Nuke. Various render passes were outputted to further enhance the effect of the 3D elements. A strong understanding of multipass compositing keying and preparing a 3D scene for use with green screen was achieved.
Software used; Maya, Nuke

RenderMan Grass Generator:
This was a third year coding assignment, the tool takes selected objects and spawn curve points on the faces using the barycentric coordinates system. The tool then takes these various points which can be previewed in Maya, and writes them out to a RIB file using RenderMan curves to generate grass. The grass is effected by a "wind" factor meaning higher wind, the more curved/messy the grass is, other options available in the generation are density and length. Various options are available to the user which affect the render settings of the output RIB such as resolution of the rendered image and grass thickness at the base and tip.
Software used: Maya, Python, RenderMan RIB & RSL

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