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Matheson Heating and Air Conditioning is the only contractor in Michigan that provides the Integrated Glove Fit System. Every home is unique and your heating and cooling system must be designed based upon the layout, age, and use of your home in order to ensure maximum comfort and energy savings. Just like the arteries and veins running through our bodies; the size, shape, and arrangement of your home’s heating and cooling system directly affects the air flow, efficiency, and life span of your equipment.

Many contractors will install a furnace that is convenient for them, but NOT the proper fit for your home. Why do they do this? Because they don’t have the inventory, facility or even the training to provide a custom “Glove Fit”. In many cases, all they have is what’s on their truck so they install generic, “one-size-fits all” furnaces along with mismatched ductwork, they then slap on some duct tape and screw it all together, which ultimately costs you more money in the long run.

Simply put, one size does NOT fit all. That’s why, at Matheson, we create your entire system from the ground up right here in our own custom metal fabricating facility. The Matheson Integrated Glove Fit System is carefully designed to harmonize with your home, making you perfectly comfortable during each season and every time of day. Don’t settle for anything less. You can download our complete Integrated Glove Fit System guide right here on our website.

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