A commissioned illustration based on Edvard Grieg's famous incidental music to Henrik Ibsen's play "Peer Gynt."

This piece is 13"x30" and is inkwash on watercolor paper. I mapped out camera movements over the drawing which is designed to match up with the music like an animation.

In this scene, the ne'er-do-well antihero Peer Gynt has wooed the daughter of the Dovregubben AKA the Troll King, and so now he's got hell to pay inside the Troll hall.

words (translated from Norwegian):
Trolls sitting at a table are shocked and appalled,
"Kill him! The Christian man's son has tempted Dovregubben's fairest daughter!"
"Kill him! Kill him!"
Four angry trolls stand in one corner and make suggestions about what should be done with Peer:
"May I cut his fingers?"
"May I pull on his hair?"
"Ha! Hey! Let me bite him on the rump!"
"Shall we cook him in a stew?"
A fifth Troll has Peer in his grip! He asks, "Shall we stick him on a spit or brown him in a griddle?"
Peer looks up, frightened, at the Troll King.
The Troll King calls for his people to settle down. "Cool it everybody! Ice cool!"

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