Filmcollage about the theme "money"

72 hours production time
animated, bodypainting, tracking, drawing,...

Musictrack: Money Money ABBA
the story about a woman that works hard but she doesn't get payed so good. So she wants to get a rich man (idea of the flower and the money butterfly) to enjoy the "rich man's word" - and as soon she gets money for rich makeup ,... she wants to get more and more (skull hand)

I work all night I work all day to pay the bills I have to pay
ain't it sad
and still there never seems to be a single penny left for me
that's too bad
in my dreams
I have a plan
if I got me a wealthy man
I wouldn't have to work at all I'd fool around and have a ball

Money money money
must be funny
in the rich man's world (...)

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