We're happy to show our second film for ATG made together with Camp David!

What makes this one special is the amount of clever camera tricks used to give us the best possible starting point in the post production process.

For instance, there were no mirrors on set whatsoever. For greater flexibility in post, the mirror images were created in a quite unexpected way. In the wide shot of the treadmills, a second camera was placed on the opposite side of the set, with the exact same distance and angle to the actor as the main camera. This gave us a perfectly synchronized plate with correct perspective to use as the mirror image.

Another shot using an optical illusion is the close-up of the horses running by the main chacter from the side. Normally a shot like this would be made up of layers of different takes put together in comp. In this case the horses were actually shot in the same plate as the actor. By using a very long lens, the horses ran by at a safe distance, still selling the illusion.

CG wise, this film would be considered oriented towards compositing. For example, the control panel of the treadmill is heavily modified with a full replacement of the screen throughout the film.
There are some 3D elements in there to spice things up as well though. The exploding mirror, the close-up of the shards and the raining sparks are all 3D.


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