Creation: Splice merges the power of the Creation Core processing engine and our Kernel Language with your own applications. We will provide a Splice API that can be used to integrate the Creation Core into custom applications as well as commercial tools that we develop for directly.

If you can write code in high-level languages like Python or JavaScript, then you can write KL. Yet KL is a dynamically compiled language, so you get all of the flexibility of a scripted language and all of the power of multi-threaded compiled code.

In this video, we present Splice for Maya - showing how you can write high-performance operators that run as part of your regular toolchain, but with exceptional performance. Splice provides an IDE within Maya for writing KL operators, so it's a smooth experience for TDs.

00:00 - Introduction
00:57 - Simple demo creating a Splice Maya Node
02:54 - Adding KL operators
03:19 - introducing the KL editor
05:14 - Splice IK operator
07:25 - Splice drawing and visual debugging
09:00 - complex computations with Splice - wave deformer
10:14 - Splice Maya Deformer
10:47 - Bezier deformation with Splice
12:05 - internal Splice data - spring simulation
13:45 - dynamic compilation/JIT editing in Splice

To find our more about Splice, visit:

If you want to join the beta group, please email:

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