The main Idea:
There are these stereotypes and Michelle(Ashley's middle name) is seeing them all, wondering who would impress Martin(BLG's lead singer's name) so she tries on different stereotype clothes and masks to try and change herself. In the end she can't take it anymore, she's overpowered by all the fake-ness and just gives up and is herself. She influences Martin to not be such a high status jock-like person and he turns normal too then they get together:)

We tried to make the masks have as much symbolism and meaning as possible so...

White - Michelle
(A neutral colour)
Simple Blue - Martin After
(The most basic boy colour)
Blue+Crown - Martin Before
(The most basic boy colour but crown for popularity)
Black - Goth
(The colour of darkness and gothic-ness)
Purple - Punk
(Purple's loud and stands out like a punk)
Silver+Crown - Cheerleader
(Silver cause they're pretty neutral on the inside (white) but they act like they're not so that adds the shine and makes it silver. Crown cause they're popular)
Gold+Crown - Prom Queen
(Gold Cause it's expensive and high status. Crown cause she's the queen of popularity!)
Glow In The Dark - Nerd
(It's the colour of mucus which seems fitting for the signature stereotypical nerd-snort)
Black and White - Sporty
(The Black and White symbolize a soccer ball for sports)
Bronze - Clutz
(Bronze, trying to be gold but messing up, a clutz)
Black and Silver + Glitter - Thespian
(The colours of a mime and the glitter to show her fairly high status)
Gold and Silver + Glitter - Clown
(The combination looks very clown-like and the glitter is to give it a slightly higher status because even though it is a fool, people like the class clown)
Red+Crown - Ballerina
(Red for a passionate dancer, a royal colour, the red carpet. Crown for the high status)

Thank you to:
-Clara (Thespian and owner of closet+room)
-Denise (Nerd)
-Huimin (Goth)
-Elaine (Punk)
-Pei Er (Prom Queen)
-Sabrina (Ballerina)
-Emma (Cheerleader)
-Keryn (Clutz)
-Kenneth (Martin)

And especially to the leads:
-Keren (Best Friend)
-Bridget (Michelle)

(Feat. Keren)


Also, Thanks to our supporters! Please comment and tell your friends to view and comment too!

P.S. Sorry some parts were cut out or rearranged during editing, it just didn't fit very well. SORRY!

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