Fourth in a series that began back in 2008 this vid continues the tradition of documenting my hobby of staying fit while "disturbing the comfortable" for "Tri-athletes", "Roadies" and other poseurs training at (or near) the Lakefront in New Orleans. A few of the cyclists in this video are serious athletes but most are just dressed in an expensive costume which just happens to include a bicycle. They drove their BMWs and Audis in air-conditioned comfort out to Lakeshore Drive with strange looking time trial bikes dangling from trunk racks. I don't have to mine very deep to tap into a large vein of disdain for the fake racers or a bit of admiration for the truly fast ones. Chasing them down, or staying ahead of the fast ones is what keeps me interested in actually doing some work on my bike.

The other three videos in order of production:
NOLA Geek Hunt (The original!):
NOLA Geek Hunt Two-point-DOH! (2.0):
NOLA Geek Hunt Extravaganza 2.1 (My favorite!):

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