I don't even care, I'll write down a better description later, I just want this bitch UPLOADED!!!


Ok, so a lot of people tell me the original of this was their favorite RE Musical of all time. This was stunning to me because I made it so quickly after RE Numa, I thought it would get completely shadowed over and forgotten, or seen as just a has-been's attempt at keeping alive. But I was wrong! So for those who liked the original the best, this one's for you.

I only hope (like Numa REmake) you don't hate me. This time around I changed a LOT. In original Excited, Wesker and William got hella screen time. Granted they did in this as well, but I wanted to spread to almost every main RE villain I could think of, even that Sergei guy and his buddy from UC! But yeah I hope you don't hate me for the major changes, but I did it for the fact that this video is supposed to be like a tribute to the villains and monsters of all Resident Evil games.

This video once again smashed the fuck our of the once top score for most video frames.

Numa REmake - Three hundred
Excited REmake - Five-hundred-and-fucking-fifty!

This video took about 2 weeks to make only because I moderated my time a lot; I only worked on it about 2 or 3 hours a day for the first week. By the time I got more then halfway through, I started to double time it because I wanted it done so badly.

Oh and the sound is kinda fucked up, I dunno how, but Youtube did something to it.

:::Legal Rights:::

I'm So Excited
By The Pointer Sisters

Heather Mason
Silent Hill 3
Property of Konami

The Cheat
Property of the Brothers Chapp

Resident Evil Musicals™

Resident Evil is Property of CAPCOM

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