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CHOPs read the audio and create triggers and a counter to drive the pyro and multiple RBD sims. The counter is used to switch between colors and the different RBDs on each peak of the audio. The beat also drives the RBDs timelines to get them push in and out. The pyro solver mixes the colors, and get pulled and pushed by divergence as well the velocity from the RBDs. Rendered in PBR. I have nothing to do with the song.

Machine: 2.2 GHz Corei7, 8 GB memory
Simulation (pyro): 1.5 hours (500 frames)
Render: 10-45 min/frame

Other pyro beat: vimeo.com/67220937
With particles: vimeo.com/66265322
Pyro with RBD: vimeo.com/68041804

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