In a time of unhindered development, exemplified in cities big and small all across China, these inner-city villages or "ghettos" are practically untouched by the outside world. The many families living here continue to eat, work, and play until someone eventually decides it's time for a new residential complex, shopping centre, or the next big thing and these types of homes are all torn down. China has become the newest hotspot for skaters over the past few years, but little do we know that these beautiful marble ledges come at a price. Here we can bring such a wonderful thing to these small places where others are not so willing to venture, skating off the beaten path Before It’s Lost.

Shot with: Canon EOS 600D
Skating with: Drew Fraser, Brodie Vissers, Dan Sonsrichai, Joel Watamaniuk.
Edited and Directed by: Brodie Vissers
Music: Recorded in a local Chinese park.

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