Sleep Party People Official Video
We Were Drifting On a Sad Song

Heaven is Above Us

For those who are familiar with the works of Volkan Ergen it might not be surprising that to find words which would describe his visual art is not an easy thing to do because it often happens that you find yourself drift away in the depths of the surreal, unsettingly beautiful quality of his images. His new work is a music video made for the danish band Sleep Party People. Heaven is Above Us is one of those songs that carry the promise of a dream, of a broken minute, which will turn you into a tiny clock that stopped ticking and lets you float away somewhere outer space

The music video is indeed set outer space, but it seems to be in a different dimension where there are not only planets and meteors present, but rabbits and a woman too, and where the only familiar rule working is gravity. Gravity, which seemingly wants to hold on to everything in the universe and keep them together, not allowing them to fall apart. It is a universe without an exact center to it, its something that resembles the logic of chinese boxes, each piece fitting inside one another, a universe in a universe – a never ending cycle. Isnt it sad somehow how impossible it is for us to experience the feeling of floating? To let go off the caring arms of gravity and fall down without ever having to reach the ground again? We are imprisoned in our own inner universe in the similar way the woman is imprisoned by gravity on a planet. She cannot leave, she has a body, a physical body which is heavily bound to the ground . One of my favourite scene is the close-up of the woman’s face, because it gives away a secret – that the prisoner only takes the shape of outside forces, to trick you while all the way it was hiding inside of you. The universe with the rule of gravity, the rule of holding on and not letting go is something thats exists in yourself, in your own working mechanism

So where do the rabbits came from? What makes all of these soft creatures unable to move and turn into cold stone to float around frozen in the space? I’d like to believe that they are like memories that once were vivid feelings surrounding you and in the same time, living inside your own mind. They are just as much your own creations as they are gifts that you got from others. It is the gift of gravity, the rule that makes connections possible between things, people, all the creatures of the universe, even between petrified rabbits… but also it is the curse that wont let you drift away, that wont allow you to be empty and light enough to fall off the ground without having to break all your bones while crashing to another ground again. The woman though seems to find out how to escape her prison, she gives birth to rabbits, and when they leave her body becomes ethereal, only then she can begin her infinite fall. A fall without having to face gravity which in this case is not the offset of flying…because in a world without things to hold on to, and things that would hold you back, in a universe where there is no ground to crush into there is no need anymore to make a distinction between flying and falling

writer leila jordi

executive producer
zeynep cin

visual effects supervisor
ali telgeren

ezo ergen


greenbox studio
yasin ali türkeri
aslı ertürk
mehmet özgür candan
ender yeşildağ
şükran akpınar

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