A quick word from the mind behind Torrent
Writer/Director Producer D.J. Rivera

"How did you come up with Torrent?"

At the beginning of the new millennium digital piracy was released on the Internet, plaguing the industry and economy ever since. Now armed with the right weapon, the powers that be look to counteract the damage done. Castor Eccerson, a software engineer caught in the middle of this ugly war, will be subjected to the ripple effect of this so-called victimless crime.

Torrent is a psychological thriller looking to shoot in the summer of 2013. This short film looks to put a face on the dangers of digital piracy. When someone Torrents a show, movie, or CD they think they are beating the system and no one is blame. Now a days people don't live by right and wrong, they live what they can and can't get away with. There is a ripple effect that piracy has that looks to endanger our economy and way of life. Is a free movie really worth the cost of an censored government regulated internet? After witnessing this not too far off deadly aftermath, audiences will definitely think twice about illegally downloading anything ever again.

Written, Directed, and Produced by D.J. Rivera, he has been a part of a lot of projects. Having degrees in film and business allows this project to have a leg up over most struggling indie films. Mr. Rivera has a reputation for only working with the best. This is the third time that D.J. and Cinematographer Daniel Guadalupe have worked together in this capacity on a major project. Daniel has an extensive background in the world of camera and lights. Daniel and his team are very experienced with the Arri Alex (used in James Bond's Skyfall, Gangster Squad, Drive and HBO's Game of Thrones) which will be the camera used for the short film Torrent.

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