yo this is kody and i just want you to know that this da vinci vaporizer review video is just my opinion. learn more about this vape by reading the review at vapeforest.com/reviews/davinci-vaporizer-review/ and watching the related video. this is a vape that i really dig but i'm not going to tell you anymore than that about what i think about it so just watch my vid here.

what i will tell you is that this thing does liquids/dries so no matter the blend you're pretty much covered. there are these little canisters you put the liquids in when you're trying to vape something other than dry aromatherapy blends. this thing works. not too many of these portables have a screen but this davinci does! i think that's pretty cool. having a screen and some easy to use buttons makes a big difference in my opinion. changing temps is super easy and not worth explaining other than to say if you can use a phone, you shouldn't have any problems using this thing.

there's a new davinci vaporizer, ascent by davinci, and it's like this one only i think it might be better. the big difference is this new one has a longer battery and a glass on glass vapor path. visit the link below to learn more about it.

ascent vaporizer review: vapeforest.com/reviews/ascent-vaporizer-review/

also, you can see this very same video where i originally put it, on my youtube channel ovet at youtube.com/user/vaporizersreviews

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