A historic gathering of 60+ members of the best and brightest in Jamaica's film industry.

"Beyond The Lens" is the voice of an increasingly frustrated Jamaican film making community who, despite an almost complete lack of support from their government, continue to create day after day, month after month, year after year.

"Out of many, One people."

Filmed over the course of 4 days in Kingston, Jamaica.
*This video is not for profit and all music is the property of its respective owners.

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

Kurt Wright - Writer/Director
Lisa Williams - Actor
Sheldon "Sheppy" Shepherd - Actor
Leonie Forbes - Actor
David Crossgill - Actor
Kadeem Wilson - Actor
Grace Mcghie - Actor
Franklyn St. Juste - Director/Cinematographer
Munair Zacca - Actor
Richard Lannaman - Director/Cinematographer
Ruth Hoshing - Actor
Bob Kerr - Actor
Barbara Mcalla - Actor
Cecile Burrowes - Casting Director
Marguerite Newland - Actor
Sarah Manley - Producer/Line Producer
Natalie Thompson - Producer/Line Producer
Chris "Birdie" Gordon - Actor/Musician
Maurice Bryan - Actor
Carey "Macka" Campbell - Actor
Everaldo "Evie" Creary - Actor/Musician
Kyle Chin - Director/Cinematographer
Sakina Deer - Actor
Nadean Rawlins - Actor
Kevoy Burton - Actor
Noelle Kerr - Actor
Jean-Paul Menou - Actor/Director/Producer
Camille Davis - Actor
Chris Macfarlane - Actor
Makeda Solomon - Actor
Shanique Brown - Actor
Nomaddz - Musicians
Fabian Thomas - Actor/Writer/Director

Editors (L-R)
Twain Richardson
Neil Colley
Travis Anomie

Richard Lannaman (Top Left)
Chris Browne (Top Right)
Gareth Cobran (Lower Left)
Travis Anomie (Lower Right)

Chris Browne (Top Left)
Franklyn St. Juste (Top Middle)
Richard Lannaman (Top Right)
Ian Simpson (Lower Left)
Jeremy McMillan (Lower Middle)
Gareth Cobran (Lower Right)


(Top Row)
Fabian Thomas
Noelle Kerr
Carey Campbell
Sakina Deer
Chris Macfarlane
Shanique Brown

(2nd Row)
Maurice Bryan
Ruth Hoshing
Leonie Forbes
Marguerite Newland
Bob Kerr
Camille Davis

(3rd Row)
Munair Zacca
Barbara Mcalla
Susie Braham
Chris Hutchinson
David Crossgill
Grace Mcghie

(4th Row)
Kadeem Wilson
Lisa Williams
Kevoy Burton
Jean-Paul Menou
Andre "Views" Bennett
Nadean Rawlins

(5th Row)
Everaldo "Evie" Creary
Sheldon "Sheppy" Shepherd
O'Neil Peart
Chris "Birdie" Gordon
Makeda Solomon
Hillary Nicholson

Producers/Line Producers
Phillipa Burnett
Mark Foster
Natalie Thompson
Sarah Manley

Darin "Twiggy" Tennent - Production Coordinator
Phillisa Fearon - Production Manager
Earl Brown - Gaffer
Charl Baker & Noelle Kerr (Talent Factory)
Michelle Haynes - Costume Designer
Hugh Wright - Photographer
Emily Newland - Makeup Artist/Special FX Makeup
Rachelle Williams - Art Department
Cathy Stephenson - Makeup Artist/Special FX Makeup
Serchen Morris - Independent Media Production Professional
Kritik - Post Production (@iamthekritik / @kaoarts)
Susie Braham - Actor
Hillary Nicholson - Actor/Director
Kevon Archer - Art Department
Gareth Cobran - Director/Cinematographer
Alix Khouri - Wardrobe Stylist
Courtney Sutherland - Camera Operator
Andre "Views" Bennett - Actor/Aspiring Filmmaker
Dean "Squidly" Sutherland - Camera/Jib Operator
O'Neil Peart - Actor/Musician
Ian Simpson - Director/Cinematographer
Neil Colley - Editor
Chris Browne - Director/Writer/Cinematographer
Chris Hutchinson - Actor
Jeremy McMillan - Director/Cinematographer

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