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During the last few years the education systems in Canada and the United States has been eroding. Students have been crammed into larger class sizes while the quality of teaching has deteriorated, in large part due to a lack of funding from local and federal governments.

John Ralston Saul, one of Canada's most celebrated authors and essayist, has warned us that "Canada's democracy... is eroding with every dime deducted from education budgets."

I have stated previously that I believe "as a collective we must understand that democracy can only exist in a society with an educated populace, and the right for self-governance can only be obtained through knowledge." I also believe that as long as the Internet remains Neutral, we, as a global community, can make a difference. We can fill the gap left behind by our governments and be proactive in educating our children

Sharing our communal experiences and knowledge is the essence of the Internet and is proud to be a part of this movement. The information contained and conveyed through this medium is what will shape our future, and this site was created to represent a unique personal perspective and to contribute in bringing about positive changes.

As a result I have decide to produce instructional math videos to help those that want to improve their abilities in communicating in the language of mathematics. The videos are available on Chycho TV Located in the top right corner of Even though these videos are geared towards high school students, they will also help those in elementary school and those that are struggling with certain college and university courses.

The format of the videos is as follows: Lessons are in large part self contained and most have exercises which should be completed before proceeding to the next lesson. To help people understand a specific topic I have included answers to the exercises and a video showing how I solved the problems. Hence all exercises will have a video showing the exact steps taken to get the correct answer. Please make sure that you view these videos if you are having difficulty solving the problems.

During the next few weeks and months, possibly years, I hope to be able to provide a vast library of resources for those that wish to finally understand the language of mathematics.

If there are certain areas that you are having problems with or wish me to discuss further then please send me a message or post a comment at my website. Even though I can not guarantee that I will be able to properly represent a topic I will try my best to produce a lesson if there is strong enough demand for a specific topic.

I hope these videos will help people learn how to communicate in the language that we have chosen to understand the world around us in a scientific manner, in the language of mathematics.



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