Weddings are celebrations of love between two people, we believe that. That is why it is no wonder that weddings are mostly about the celebrated couple. But actually, in between all the celebration, there is a certain mellow feeling that is most often missed – that of the parents of the bride and groom.

Sure, they are happy because their children’s happiness is theirs too. But sometimes I can’t help but see a hint of sadness in their twinkling joyous eyes. I guess that if that were me, I would be too. If the time ever comes for my daughter to marry, that would mean that I would be handing over my life’s prized possession into the arms of another man. The treasure that I have brought into this world would no longer be sharing her life with me but with the man of her choice. I would no longer be the man in her life, because she has given her heart fully to another man. Just thinking about that is enough to make my heart ache a little. But on the bright side, while parents – fathers especially – would be experiencing a whole lot of mixed feelings at the thought of giving his daughter up, his heart would grow double the size to welcome a son into his family. A good son, one that his daughter has chosen, knowing that she would not settle for less than the fine example he has set for her.

Father daughter relationships are one I cherish a lot. And with something so beautiful as that of Alvina and her father, I can’t help but make that a centerpiece in this video.


Garry V.

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