Taste tends to be identified with food and its consumption. This Film, instead, explores the metaphorical dimensions of taste and reveals the interrelation of the senses with memory.

“Memory is not merely a resource pool of ideas; it has material and sensory coordinates” that are part of our everyday life and culture.

“It is linked to sounds, aroma, sights that often trigger deep emotions”.
Primary and secondary school students and teachers, college students and their professors and citizens in the region of S.Peloponnese, Greece, excavate language, everyday practices, and their own sensory experiences and memories to discover and propose alternative representations of taste and sensory experience.

This film was part of a public multimedia participatory event on Taste and Memory, based on field research in Southern Greece. It was made in collaboration with the University of the Peloponnese for the Program ‘On Everyday Life and Culture’. Founding Head: Prof. C. Nadia Seremetakis.

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