Ladies & Gentlemen welcome back to my humble editing corner, it has been a while indeed since my latest entry, but worry not because the wait is over.

WARNING : Before you start enjoying the Cinematic Trailer, please put aside some tissues because this video is full of romance, happy tears & lovely people.

Proudly presenting our lovely couple Ronald Quinto and the NEW Mrs Quinto, Jenny.

They both went to the same university and graduated together, how cute is that ?

Ronald comes from a Filipino background, he is very funny and a very original guy, he sing, play guitar and basketball, even his grooms men are a bunch of nice people who really cares for him.

When Ronald cried while reading Jenny's letter, it shows how deeply in love he is with Jenny.

Mean while Jenny, what can i say, she looked beautiful in her white dress, she is also very calm, enjoying her wedding day and officially become the next Mrs Quinto.

The joining of 2 different culture always fascinates me, its like peanut butter & jelly jam, there's always a surprise, starting with Ronald's greeting in Vietnamese, and Jenny with her short and sweet tagalog greeting, then the tea ceremony, it makes me smile while editing this trailer.

Ronald & Jenny congratulation once again for your lovely wedding and it has been a pleasure working behind my editing desk 'with the both of you' , our team wish you all the best and may your love last forever.

Chris {paper cranes}

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