Here is my most recent work, definitely the most impressive. Microprocessors are all written in Arduino and the laptop is running Processing.

This is actually three different pieces of code running on a total of 8 processors: the 'slave' code running each 8x8 LED matrices' backpack, the 'master' code running on a dedicated arduino which sends out data to the 6 backpacks, and some 'analyzer' code running on the laptop which does the playback and FFT frequency analysis which is sent to the 'master.'

This was a bear beyond belief to debug. The 'slave' code has been on a stable build for a while, so at least I had to debug on only two processors, although on two software platform. Normal Arduino debugging is done via printing to the serial interface, but I had to use the serial to communicate with the computer for the FFT data. Luckily Processing runs it's own 'print' box, so I mostly did server side debugging. Learned a lot more about OOP (object oriented programming) and event based code than I thought I would need, but I guess that is for the better.

I curse modern languages (ie Processing) for no longer supporting unsigned variables. Do you have any idea how much of a headache and how much wasted time there was because my variables from PC to Arduino weren't consistent? and since when does mapping from 0 to X return negative numbers? It was mostly stuff like that that held me up.

The eagle eared (and those who've followed my other videos) will be able to figure out the purpose for my display from the music. Good Luck!

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