Institute 193 is pleased to present "History of Aezous: Abandon Poles," an exhibition of new paintings, collages, and sculptural work by the Lexington-based artist R. Clint Colburn.

Colburn uses acrylic paint, marker, ink, and ballpoint pen to build layered, richly textured compositions on paper and poster board. Occasionally, he cannibalizes his notebooks and older drawings, incorporating them into his colorful new work. This process of collage and accumulation pushes many pieces beyond their original dimensions—compositions spill over onto other surfaces that then become part of the work as a whole. “I’m fascinated by the ways a drawing can open up into another one,” he comments, “a large part of my process is about seeing how I can find the potential in what I’ve already made, and then how I can tweak it. Everything is in flux.”

"History of Aezous: Abandon Poles" emphasizes the multi-faceted nature of these pieces: the exhibition features 5 polyptychs on paper as well as a series of paintings on canvas that are paired with corresponding stone clay busts. These three-dimensional pieces mark a new direction in the artist’s practice, but are indicative of Colburn’s impulse to erode and expand boundaries.

For Colburn, the act of art making is a contemplative exercise, a tool for self-discovery, and a means for examining the subconscious. His meditative paintings, drawings, and sculptures are packed with dense and colorful imagery. Through obscured text and playful visual juxtapositions, they explore the nature of symbols and question their related associations.

Video Shot by Chase Martin
Music by John Reaves and R Clint Colburn

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