Father and son team Tom and Kodi Driscoll are keeping the profession of farriers alive in their family with the art now spanning four generations. I first had the pleasure of meeting Tom about five years ago when I did a story on him in The Australian Geographic magazine . His talent was obvious and his nature humble . At that time, his son Kodi was an awkward ,pimply school boy and to witness his transition into a confident master farrier has been inspirational .

There is something magical about the work that a Farrier does from the onset of being able to approach a fiesty mare or stallion calmly, read and respond to their language and gently coerce their leg off the ground to work on a hoof . I had a sense of the horses being appreciative of the attention and an understanding of the process, which must also be part of the art.

Tom and Kodi have a father and son bond that has intensified over the years they have worked alongside each other . I watched them for hours with few words being shared between them while they somehow anticipated each other's movements . I knew I was witnessing an ancient craft that will remain with us while we have symbiotic relationships with horses.

Music by Abraham Tilbury allthingslostmusic.bandcamp.com

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