Trust your eyes dont listen to their propaganda

Israel always claim its enemies want to wipe her off the map but she has indeed wiped a country of the map.

Zionism is a kind of Racism which by brainwashing the brains reproduces itself. It is the enemy of Humanity and Jews. The First anti Zionists were Jews and still the strongest voice for support of humanity and Palestinians is from Jews (N More..oam Chomsky, Norman Finklestine,,,,)

Be aware of Zionist Mass Media, never believe it. It belongs to the same people who own the Banks, Governments, Weapon Industry, Drug and Alcohol Industry, ,,, and me and you. Yes we are a sort of slaves my brother.

This new empire will be the new Babylon which host Anti-Christ and eventually will be wiped by Jesus pbuh

Watch "The Arrivals" on Youtube or if it is here
So you wont remain a victim
In Peace

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