This video documents the caving adventure in Sagada in the Philippines that I went on with my friends Mike and Colin.

This was the Suming Cave in Sagada for anyone who is curious about where it takes place.
The cave we went into was supposed to take 4 hours to get through and we ended up getting through the cave in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Our instructor was hungover from a night of partying the night before and was a great guide even with his occasional stops to have a little dry heaving session lol.

Although I was scared initially, I realize that confronting your fears head on is the best way to overcome them.

I definitely will do more of these spelunking adventures throughout my life because of how cool it is being underground and crawling through tiny little spaces with the thought in the back of your mind that at any point throughout this trip the walls could cave in and it could all be over.

It's a terrifying thought, but something that pumps you up with adrenaline.

I highly recommend it.

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