Quickly sketch mobile design concepts directly into your own genius-factory-of-a-notebook. Made in the USA.

UINK is a tool for mobile UI and UX designers that brings a hands-on craftsman spirit to digital design. It allows you to quickly and accurately map out a mobile device into your sketch book so that you can capture your vision and keep your ideas organized in one place.

UINK is a 1:1 scale representation of an iPhone 5. It prints a minimally invasive dot matrix grid, making it easy to draw straight lines for whatever interfaces you dream up. It comes with a red ink pad, which makes it easy to see pencil and black ink, even when crossing over any portion of the device in the case that you want to make a note or extend lines beyond the device.

The stamp's natural gum rubber and the foam shock absorbing pad are made in the USA. The laser etched maple wood back was grown and etched in Vermont.

With UINK, we close Photoshop and take a step back from our computers. We allow ourselves to think and dream up solutions to mobile design challenges in a quick way that stays organized in the notebook that's already part of your designer tool kit. We stamp and put pencil to paper in a tactile way that stimulates our brains. We bring a craftsman spirit to our work and elevate mobile design.

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