Produced by Eightyproof Sunshine Films in Association with Asyria Productions and Fangirl Films

Heather Robinson as Heather

Neil Porcel As Neil

Ariana Robinson as Ariana

Misty Mills as Misty

Eric Bugeja as Eric

Kaitlyn Bugeja as Kaitlyn

Christopher Bugeja as Chris

Nicholas Bugeja as Nick

Sasha Porcel as Sasha

Jason Hart as Jay

Vera khzouz as Vera

George Seder as George

Dave Donaldson as Dave

Mary Bliss- Seder as Mary

Stephanie Skrinner as Stephy

Johnny Flynn as THE MAN Zombie

Armani Knight as Beauty Queen Zombie

Robert Wagner as The Count

Frances Denne as Vampire Queen

Stacey Goward as Vampira

Leah Hart as Mini Vamp

Kelly Landini as Demon Girl

Dennis Budziszewski as Man-Demon

Gregory Alford as Demon King


Brandie Flowers, Heather Diedrich, Shere Zehel as THE WITCHES

When a spell goes awry a group of campers is brought under attack by all creatures of the night. Who will survive? Who will be changed forever? Only time will tell in :


*The Wedding of the Damned was filmed to feature Heather & Neil's Engagement and bridal party. This is being sent out to all wedding guests as a Mock Movie Trailer as we are both in the film industry in Michigan. We are having a horror themed Wedding and decided instead of a regular Save the Date, we would film this little teaser and guests will have to come to the Wedding to find out what really became of us all. So SAVE THE DATE.....OCTOBER 26, 2013 Heather & Neil GET MARRIED!!!!!!

For more Wedding related information please check out


"Thank you all for viewing our wacky little Save the Date. Our Bridal Party and Friends in the Michigan Film Industry worked hard and had a lot of fun putting this together." ~ Heather & Neil

Wedding of the Damned is written by Heather D. Robinson

Directed by Misty Mills

Produced by Heather Robinson & Neil Porcel

Director of Photography - Jason Hart

Edited by - Jason Hart

Camera Operator- Dave Donaldson

Sound- Neil Porcel & George Seder

FX Makeup Designed by- Heather Robinson, Misty Mills, & Vera Khzouz

Music by Matt Raetzel

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