[THE MASK PROJECT] is a collaborative art movement which focuses on dope music and creates a platform for young artists to express themselves with the help of [PRATT RADIO] and the [BEFORE THE MUSIC DIES!] radio show.

[THE MASK] is the first of a series of major projects and it is the brainchild of DJ EL brought to life by T0ne M. It is the first coming EP focusing on live, dope music and content rather than the artists behind it. Get hype with us as we give you the art we were born to give life to! Drops June 28th and free to download here: themaskproject.tumblr.com/

Get hyped and be on the look out for more works off The Mask Project!

Featured Artist: Kyle Symonette
Footage by Erick Cespedes
Lighting by Lucus Landers
Edits by EL

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