Merry Christmas mah people!

Yes, Christmas. I didn't feel like being politically correct for this video, so since I don't celebrate em, there's no Hanuka, Kwanzaa, Ramadan and whatever else there may be. So happy those! To whoever celebrates them. I know it's also a little late for Christmas, but I didn't have much time to work on this since like... it was the Holidays and I have family and friends to be with XD At least it wasn't as late as last year.

I wouldn't exactly call this a quality video, but given the situations I was in while making it; my computer is slowly dying, WMM barely runs, constant freezing, and of course it being the Holidays and all; I didn't have much time or patience to devote to this. I tried my best as always though. I think my computer is at its wits end though, and I can't exactly afford another one at the moment.

Enough sobstory.

I hope you enjoy the gags and giggling, and that you all had a Happy Holiday. Unless you're Jehovah Witness. Then like... hope you had a nice uneventful day. :D

And happy New Year, soon to come!

Credits Art info

Christmas/Winter drawings made by friends and fans, given to me via DeviantArt. See their work in these two galleries!

My thanks goes out to you all!

Special thanks to mah batch Mj for the REmake clip!

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