Shortly after midnight, two years ago today, my son sent me a text message, after having just seen the picture of the Empire State Building in New York lit up in rainbow colors.

"Happy Birthday, Mom. You got what you wanted for your birthday. New York just legalized same sex marriage."

I'm hoping today history repeats itself on a national level, and the Supreme Court hands down favorable rulings on the two cases that can lead to marriage equality being a reality for every state.

Although the words to this song sound questionable, the "sanctity of marriage" for heterosexual couples that is used like a weapon by religious groups and politicians, can take in any kind of relationship, from one lasting a lifetime, to one not surviving a weekend.

Marriage should be the right of every couple. Whether it's "til death do us part," or "til Monday rolls around," the choice should be theirs to make, but when something is so hard won, there's a lot better chance of the union lasting longer than a few turns in a revolving door.

So, SCOTUS, your names weren't on that gift I got from two years ago, and I haven't seen any flowers or chia pets being delivered. I'm waiting! Tomorrow will be fine; I don't mind a gift being a little belated.

Pictures are from Marriage Equality walk on Saturday, June 22.

Steve and Keith, Keith and Tom, Frank and Joel--dedicated to you. If a relationship that lasts, outside of church, law, and society approval, is not a testimony to the sanctity of the union, I don't know what is.

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